How can Sunflower help your business?

I am here to help you research and write grants – to help you achieve your fullest potential as a nonprofit organization.

I know from extensive firsthand experience that nonprofits are often stretched too thin and struggle to get the funding or help that they need in order to accomplish all that they want to. I am positive that with my assistance I could fill an important gap for your organization on a short term, temporary, or recurring basis. One thing that sets Sunflower apart from competitors is the focused, personalized attention that you would receive during our work together and the depth and breadth of my nonprofit experience.

I believe that one thing that really sets an organization apart from getting a grant or not is making sure it is matched with the right foundation. I do extensive research to find out who will be the best foundation fit for all of my nonprofits and then I find someone at the foundation, or ask someone I already know there, if we would be a good pairing before an application is even started. This extra work at the beginning helps eliminate confusion and disappointment later. 


Services Offered

  • Grant Research and Writing

Fee information

I charge an hourly rate for my services.